What happens to my cash if Winvesta were to shut down?

Your money is kept separate from the accounts we or our EMI Partner use to run our businesses and operations. It wouldn’t be affected if we were to shut down or become insolvent. The money is yours and will be returned to you.

The E-Money Institution we work with is regulated by the FCA. They are regularly audited to ensure that client funds are kept separate from their business accounts. This process is called safeguarding of relevant funds and it ensures that in the event of the EMI’s insolvency, or if a financial claim is made against the EMI, no creditor or claimant should be able to claim funds held in these accounts. This is because no other person or institution will have any rights or interest over the funds held in these accounts such as a lien over funds in these accounts. 

Learn more about FCA's safeguarding requirements here.

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