What is a multi-currency account and how does it work?

You can receive, hold, transfer, and spend money globally using the Winvesta multi-currency account. Here’s how it works:

Receive: You get account details for multiple currency accounts to receive money from all over the world. You get local account details for GBP and EUR, and SWIFT account details for 30+ other currencies. All other currency accounts are domiciled in the UK.

Hold: You can hold 30+ currencies and convert between them at super low exchange rates.

Send: You can send money in 37 currencies to over 180 countries whenever you like. You can make local transfers in 17 currencies, including USD, INR, GBP, and EUR. See the full list here.

Spend: Spend in local currency when shopping from another country, or traveling internationally, using the linked Winvesta debit card (coming soon)

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