I don’t have a year-long bank statement, what do I do?

One year bank statement is a mandatory requirement as per the RBI guidelines. If your preferred bank account is not more than a year old then kindly consider uploading a statement of your alternate bank account that is more than a year old.

If the bank statements available are in multiple sets, you can combine these into a single PDF using any of the various online options (e.g. https://smallpdf.com/merge-pdf, https://combinepdf.com/) and upload the combined copy. We do request that the file size be less than 20MB. However, if you are unable to reduce the size any further, please send us the pdf via email to support@winvesta.in along with your DW account number. 

Please make sure the bank statement has the following:
  • Your name and address as reflected on your Winvesta account
  • Bank IFSC Code (if this is not present on your bank statement, please share this detail with us on support@winvesta.in)
  • Last 1 year transactions.

If you are unable to provide a one-year bank statement then do not worry. The traditional way of sending money is always available for you, which allows you to directly send money from your Indian bank account to the brokerage account. Please find the funding instructions here.

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