How to fund your Multi-Currency Account through HDFC

  1. Go to HDFC Netbanking website
  2. Login with your credentials
  3. Add beneficiary (only the first time)
    1. Click on “Fund Transfer” in the top navigation menu
    2. Click on “Request” option and select “Add a Beneficiary” (3rd option)
    3. Choose “RemitNow” and click on “Go” from the select transaction type.
    4. Fill in the following details:
      Beneficiary Name: [Your full name as on the MCA]
      Beneficiary Address: [Your Indian address ]
      Country: UK
      Currency: [The MCA currency you want to fund]
      ContactNumber: [your phone number]
      Bank name: The Currency Cloud Limited
      Bank address: 12 Steward Street, The Steward Building, London, E1 6FQ, GB
      Account number: [IBAN of your account, or the last 8 digits of your IBAN]
      SWIFT Code: TCCLGB3L
      SWIFT IBAN Number: [IBAN of your account]
  4. Please leave the CHIP UID and ABA Number blank and leave Intermediary Bank details unchecked
  5. Click on Continue and Confirm the popup
  6. Click on Terms and Conditions link and then check the dialog box to confirm that you have read and accept the terms and conditions of the bank. Click to confirm the beneficiary details

    Please Note: Beneficiary activation may take up to 30 minutes after confirming. You may also be asked to verify adding the beneficiary with an OTP.
  7. Initiating the Fund Transfer
    1. Click on Fund Transfer >> Remit Now and then select Go
    2. Enter the following transfer information
      From Account: Select the account you want to transfer from
      Beneficiary: Winvesta MCA
      Transfer amount: Enter amount
      Mode of Transfer: SWIFT - Wire Transfer
      Purpose of remittance: Remittance to own account abroad
      Source of Funds: Select appropriate source
      Correspondent bank charges to be borne by: Please select “Self”
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