How do I transfer money from my Winvesta MCA to my investment account?

To move money from your MCA to your brokerage account, kindly send an email to from your registered email ID with the following information:

  1. Your DW Account Number (for verification)
  2. The amount that you want to transfer

Please mention the transfer amount in the same currency as the account you want to use for transfer. For example, if you want to transfer from your GBP MCA, please mention the amount in GBP. We will convert the amount to USD for you and transfer it to your brokerage account.

You can only transfer money to your own brokerage account with Winvesta using this method. If you are looking to transfer money to another brokerage account, please use a SWIFT transfer instead.

Fees: There is no charge for moving funds between your MCA and Investment account.

Please note that it may take up to 1-3 working days for the funds to reflect in the investment account. These are normal US ACH payment timelines. 

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